Aboriginal pots and consumerism

Intercultural art, heritage, anthropological

and archaeological proposals

are the approaches

that art activists and thinkers

like Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo

put forward to nourish the flow of interculturality in the world


The purpose of her paintings since last century

is to embody and dignify

autochthonous ways of living


In her own terms she resists the confinement

that Contemporary concepts of arts and aesthetics

have imposed to representational visual artists

who do  not prostrate to the fashion catwalks

of biennials and art fairs


She exposes cultural hierarchies

throughout her shattered clay vessels

This archaeological message conquers

the feelings and imagination of the observer

challenging the globalized proclaimed marketing right

to trivialization

confronting  our minds overflowed

with commodities and information

framing her paintings with aluminum cans

a tactic to remind us of the frivolity of our civilization.


Her call is to experience the cultures of aboriginal people

to open our globalized interests




to other denied and forgotten cultures

by means of reflecting on their own values and surroundings


The blue wall

the concave and convex pots

and the ancient burials

introduce us to the dialogues with censers and colonial walls

that she proposes in her oil paintings or mixed media techniques

which never betrayed her vision set

in the mysteries of American cultures

and her critical stance towards consumerism

causing a strong impact on whoever wants to navigate

beyond social media to the collective unconscious

implicit in Latin American Art.


Ralph C. Valley


Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo, My Neighborhood 1, mixed media on canvas, 120 x 100 x 4 cm. 2014

Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo, Concave and Convex, mixed media,110 x 90 cm. 2015

Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo, Acahualinca Memories 2. mixed media, 113 x 93 cm. 2016.


Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo, Acahualinca Memories 1. Mixed media, 48 x 58 cm. 2016

© Claudia Fuentes de Lacayo. If you want to publish any image of these paintings, please write to claudiafuentes.delacayo@gmail.com