"Drawing is sometimes an end in itself. Sometimes it's a means of thinking. Sometimes it is about looking, sometimes about taking notes. Sometimes it's imagining the future, sometimes a diagram, sometimes it is a way to resolve a technical issue."

Richard Deacon,                                                                                                            British sculptor

Vincent Arwan said “we draw less as we learn to write, but the analytical results of the written word cannot replace drawing. Drawing is a language all of its own:  a way of interpreting the world and an aid to thinking; a tool for solving problems and working things out.”

NATHAN, WE ARE ONE, acrylic ink on canvas, 150 x 150 cm. 2018.

Arwan and Deacon never saw Guatemalan artist Nathan Ardon drawings, if they had known his art language valuable in techniques, both of them would have loved his artwork. Nathan practice of complex drawing techniques it is unique, since almost no contemporary artists traces figurative symbols anymore, since now it is believed "that it is not necessary to know how to draw", which is a superficial and wrong art point of view, because it is like saying that it is not necessary to read to learn to innovate.

NATHAN, FROM THE INSIDE 2, acrylic ink and gold plate on paper, 30 cm. x 42 cm. 2017 

There are many different ways to draw and many different types of drawing. Nathan draws from observation, from memory, from imagination, or any combination of these. Nathan’s drawing is a very physical act and he uses it also for analysis, calculation, measurement and mapping of mind’s flight.

Nathan Ardon working on a drawing at the wall of his exhibition at Galeria Nacional in Costa Rica

His art is very satisfying and informative as well as an archetypal discipline. He chose birds to fly through canvas, walls and paper. His efficiency of line invested on any of his drawings, with layers of complexity, seems to combine archetypal symbols and meditative approaches to transformation in life. Nathan draws scenes from his imagination. But part of his process is to draw real birds and real people, and an abstract dripping of acrylic emotions in every mixed media artwork. The shape of his artwork is dictated by the medium.

Nathan Ardon, GOLDEN BIRD, mixed media on canvas, 150 cm. x 100 cm. 2018

There are many ways of representing movement in art, Nathan uses dynamic lines and colours, even gold sheet in his proposal “DRAWINGS ON FLIGHT”. Several ancient cultures have held birds to symbolize the human soul and considered their flight to be representative of the soul's journey in pursuit of higher knowledge. Additionally, the flight of his art birds turns them into powerful metaphors for a range of human emotions and moods. He considers these winged creatures a link between our soul and our spirit, a symbol of transcendence. With his ability to draw birds to roam our thoughts as well as soar up into our emotions, his birds symbolize freedom. As a result, he represents different birds to be regarded as good signs, with their appearance being like indications from imagination flight.

Nathan Ardon, DRAWINGS ON FLIGHT, acrylic ink and oil on canvas, 150 cm. x 100 cm. 2018

Nathan draws and paints many bluebirds, symbols of spiritual awakening, transformation, joy, contentedness and hope. He predicts with this birds happy occurrences in the coming times. The Bluebird is also associated with his hard work and unassuming ego.

 Congratulations, Nathan!

 Ralph C. Valley


© NATHAN ARDON. These artworks belong to the artist. To publish elsewhere these artworks please ask permission to nathanardon88@gmail.com

NATHAN ARDON, THE REST, acrylic ink on canvas, 80 cm. x 160 cm. 2018

NATHAN ARDON, BLOOMING, acrylic ink and watercolour on paper, 31 cm. x 41 cm. 2018

NATHAN ARDON, FLYING  THOUGHT,acrylic ink and watercolour on paper, 31 cm. x 41 cm. 2018