Art Entanglement

Light is the fluid medium of time and perception itself

when a line crosses its pristine space

expanding its potential to enlighten us

we can affirm that it led us to new interior worlds

developed within a rich visual language


Fluid black lines splattered by ink dots

that penetrate unpolluted  mediums

tell apart

the ink drawings by

Alessandra Sequeira

who is a poet of the line


This Costa Rican artist titles her artworks

with cosmic concepts

even so

beyond the guidance of those names

she immerses us in realms that surpass our cognition

and lead us through her fertile paths

to transcend theories


Metaphors play a pivotal role in her drawings

she is  researcher of quantum entanglement

and manages to take us to new dimensions

like a shaman

Metaphors are a vital part of everyday

and images and dreams

open an imaginative terrain

where the construction of meaning

and poetic expressions are mediated

In her drawings new universes appear

and when I got in touch with her artwork

something changed in a positive mode

 inside myself


Where are you taking us


metaphysical proposals arise from your artwork

and new states of mind

where my electrons and yours became art-entangled

transformed  the simple theories about abstract drawing


I recommend you to transcend all theories

and research by yourself those insightful ambits

where your art is heading

Ralph C. Valley

Alessandra Sequeira, ENTANGLEMENT , acrylic ink on Fabbriano Rough, 140 x 249 cm. 2016

Alessandra Sequeira, Inner Foliage, acrylic ink on paper, 140 x115 cm. 2017

Alessandra Sequeira, Inner Shadow, acrylic ink on paper, 140 x 115 cm. 2017

Alessandra Sequeira, Entanglement II china ink on paper, 113 x 140 cm. 2017

Alessandra Sequeira, Rising entanglement, acrylic ink on paper, 100 x 50 cm. 2017 

© Alessandra Sequeira. If you want to publish any image of these drawings, please write to