Toroidal cosmic sculptures

The Sun has a large toroidal sculpture surrounding it — the heliosphere — that is itself embedded inside a vastly larger toroidal field encompassing the Milky Way galaxy.

Nicaraguan Sculpture Master, Ilse Ortiz de Manzanares, builds through her sculptures a model of cosmometry, her toroidal concepts are a form of balanced energy that flows in sustainable integral systems at all scales.

Ilse won respect as an Art Master because her long-term work demonstrated great achievement and ability.

In the words of pioneering researcher Arthur Young:

“The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.”

This reflection describes the metal sculptures she builds.

When I see each colourful toroidal sculpture that she exhibits at The Americas Collection in Miami, a seamlessly dynamic exchange of energy and information lands in my senses.

CENTRIPETAL, lacquered soft iron, three positions, 74 cm. x 49 cm. x 42  cm. 2018

“CENTRIPETAL” is a metallic purplish-blue sculpture that represents accelerated motion, and requires a force directed toward the centre of curvature of the path in order to share with her public the centripetal force, which means "centre seeking" force, just like my mindfulness and yours.

“QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT I AND II” are two sculptures as a form and flow process, one of the key characteristics of it is that at its very centre, the entire system comes to a point of ultimate balance and stillness — in other words, perfect centeredness. Quantum entanglement depicts the quantum states of many torus, which describe each one with reference to each other, even though they may be spatially separated, like our feelings and thoughts and like our links with the Universe.

 Quantum entanglement II, lacquered soft iron 80 cm. x 65 cm. X 38 cm. 2018.

Quantum entanglement I, lacquered soft iron 80 cm. x 65 cm. X 38 cm. 2018.

“QUANTUM KNOTS” are three sculptures that allow visualizing these exotic objects, but they are essentially particle-like rings or loops in a quantum field connected to each other exactly once.

“YELLOW KNOT” is the colour of sunshine, is uplifting, illuminating, and associated with success and confidence. Yellow stimulates the left side of the brain helping with clear thinking this is a light knot.

Yellow Quantum Knot, three positions, lacquered soft iron, 85 cm. x 70 cm. x 35 cm. 2018

“GREEN KNOT” is a sculpture tied to growth and health. Think of nature and see green in all its glory expressing renewal and life. Green is a natural and peaceful colour.

 Green Quantum Knot, front and lateral view. lacquered soft iron, 63 cm. x 75 cm. x 40 cm. 2018

“BLUE KNOT”, this sculpture depicts the shade of the sea and the sky, induces calm and transfer tranquillity, peacefulness and harmony.

 Blue Quantum Knot, three positions, lacquered soft iron, 90 cm. x 75 cm. x 60 x 40 cm. 2018

“TOROIDAL DYNAMICS”, this sculpture describes what physicist David Bohm calls the Holomovement: "The new form of insight can perhaps best be called Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. This view implies that flow is, in some sense, prior to that of the ‘things’ that can be seen to form and dissolve in this flow".

TOROIDAL DYNAMIC, lacquered soft iron, 67 x 62 x base 37 x 30 cm. 2018.

Metal casting is an ancient art that dates back 6000 years with the first works made out of gold and copper. However, the contemporary hands of Ilse and her ArtLab pupils bring metal to life. Objects shaped from soft iron create sculptures-like all these Torus, which shows us how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The important thing to understand about these wonderful sculptures is that they are a dynamic process, not just a fixed form.

Congratulations Ilse, I want you exhibiting your sculptures here in London!

Ralph C. Valley

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