The thread of Art


The Moirai or Fates were three sister deities, incarnations of destiny and life

who controlled through a thread  the fates of both mortals and gods alike

Fontanarrosa is more than a Moira she controls the thread that runs through art life

and through her paintings  she weaves the parts of our life stories

to hold all our Universal parts together

That is what her red thread interlaces since she started her art career


Her informal abstract painting moved my soul by her free composition

and independence from any visual references to other artists

Her thread holds us in an integral wholeness

It intertwines our deepest truth

our essential self

it is this source that becomes our fundamental destiny


A huge number of her amazing exhibitions embrace this thread

out of which our existence has been woven

let it hold you as it encompassed me

It may look like an ethereal red maze enfolding her artworks

but it is in fact  a cord of the strongest substance in the universe

it is a string of Love


Alternatively perhaps better I could say it is an arpeggio of Love

                Take some time in stillness to notice the thread that weaves us together

by her Abstract loops


                                      Her artwork depicts an image of being                                                                                       rebellious however                                                                                                  thanks to those images of anarchy                                                                                          you do not need to grasp it                                                just let it hold you

it is impossible to get lost when you do

her painting embraces our essential self

trust her red thread out of which our existence was woven


Ralph C. Valley

Blanca Fontanarrosa, Light CrysalisV, 100 cm. X 100 cm. mixed media,, 2017.

Blanca Fontanarrosa, Entangling Universes 1, acrylic on canvas, 80 cm. x 110 cm. 2015

Blanca Fontanarrosa, LIFE, mixed media, 100 cm. x 100 cm. 2014

Blanca Fontanarrosa, Light Chrysalis I, mixed media, 80 CM X 100 cm.2016.

Blanca Fontanarrosa, Pupa of light, mixed media, 100 x 100 cm. 2014

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