Organic abstraction and life

Biomorphism founded by Hans Arp, is a one-man movement

inherited by Javier Marten


This Costa Rican artist was born in the midst of jungles

windy volcanoes and colourful skies where oceans

inhabit minds and the sun makes love to every landscape


Natural and consistent

his visual language

is recognized as organic abstraction

in addition

it is remarkably dependable

on his identity and life style in his homeland


Wavy forms in his canvases

may suggest waves or plants

under the blow of breeze


Firmly rooted in nature

his abstract compositions provide a consistent framework

for satisfying the eye


As in nature

chance is a collaborator in his art process


Rather than looking for a subject

as many worldwide artists still do

he generates forms and colours first

and titles his artworks after completed

in this way he avoids the participation of the conscious mind


Transformation, growth, fecundity

and subsequent metamorphosis

are among the dominant themes in his work

the asymmetrical flowing of shapes

develop in the manner of a living plant or animal

these bioinspired approaches have yielded disruptive innovations in art

and they still do


I feel these paintings by Javier Marten

alike the strategies that Natural Selection employs in our Planet

are quite energetically and conducive to life

a critical distinction between many human-constructed art processes


His artworks follow patterns to solve human vanities

offering resiliency to painting as a bioinspired pursuit

instead of conceptual artwork as the head of human based art

Anthropocentrism has led us to war and inability to feel part of nature

and the role of biomorphic shapes in abstract art

bulbous, lush, sumptuous looking forms

that are neither representative nor geometric

are strangely familiar

that is why we recognize them and connect with them on a primal level

though we have never seen them before


As Bergson did

I believe intuition

based on experience and instinct

is equally if not more important than theories and logic


Go on Javier

Delve deeper into your work and in time you will go beyond Arp

and discern fresh biomorphic systems

Ralph C. Valley

Javier Marten, Jungle Play 110X160cm. Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Javier Marten, Connection, mixed media, 230x125cm  2016.

Javier Marten, Provoke, Mixed media 125 X 220 cm. 2016

Javier Marten, Cloak, acrylic on canvas, 109x69cm 2014

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