Silvia Villanueva, Migrating through the Mediterranean, mixed media on canvas, Width 50 in. x Height 30 in. 2017

Immigration and Art

Immigration has been humankind damnation or blessing since the first hominids migrated out of Africa.

Guatemalan artist Silvia Villanueva chose to bless their souls painting their journey towards a new life to change masses perception of infiltration of contemporary victims of international policy upon our racist societies.

She paints these human shadows that move forward in the midst of an ocean of tears and fears but they align with colorful futures and translucent dripping of fictitious national borders by the power of her brushstrokes and dynamic composition.

Each canvas is a passage to a new dimension for these hordes of abused people who escape from the apocalypse of power and illicit enrichment  decoded with missiles and destruction over the territories where oil and gas deposits are more important than communities. Her art releases their souls and offer a new realm to these millions of refugees.

I feel this emerging artist will take not just her soul but also every person awareness towards understanding, compassion and fraternity.

Welcome Silvia to the supremacy of Art’s freedom!


Ralph C. Valley

Silvia Villanueva, Crossing the Libya desert, mixed media, Height 50 in. x Width 50 in. x Depth 2 inches. 2017

Silvia Villanueva, Crossing the Arizona desert, mixed media on canvas, Height 48 in. x Width 36 in. Depth half inches, 2017

Silvia Villanueva, Red Sea Crossing, mixed media on canvas, Height 50 in. x Width 50 in. Depth 2 in. 2017

Silvia Villanueva, Immigration rain, mixed media on canvas, Height 70 in. x Width 35 in. Depth 3.5 inches, 2017

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