Equine skin serves as the primary barrier between the outside worlds.

Romi Maegli is a Guatemalan artist who photographs and intervenes the fur of her horses in the same way we ride a horse in our imagination’s countryside.

Her artwork scrutinizes the skin of horses feeling its nature’s passion and speed.

ROMI MAEGLI, HIRSUTE FEELING 1, mixed media, 43 x 32 inches, 2018.

The long, wiry hairs that protrude from around a horse’s eyelids and muzzle are the means to intertwine the multiple dimensions she represents about their metaphorical lushness.

Each three-dimensional horse skin is her intervention that restores life to each photography’s two-dimensional fur.

ROMI MAEGLI, HIRSUTE FEELING 2, mixed media, 89 x 66 inches, 2018.

The skin of a horse provides protection against insects and ultraviolet light damage and her multimedia proposal provides mind protection towards our fearful emotions, because when we meet with her horses’ skin we feel as powerful as an equine.

Her art proposal combines the best features of our human identity and our natural latitudes which we share with every animal in the world, as well as textures and colours shape our Universal perception.

ROMI MAEGLI, MENTAL SWIRL 5, mixed media, 46 x 30 inches, 2018.

Each intervened photography she exhibits is essentially all about light and detailed textures. Photography literally means ‘painting with light’ and the intervention of those photographs with volumetric shapes result on a remarkable mixed media artwork. As in outstanding art, her photographs generally have a sense of compositional form and balance that is gratifying to the eye. Her photographs have a very strong core subject.

Once one of her artworks has caught your attention, it will keep your eyes interested. Every skin photo has details. The underlying structure of each photographwith the skin of the horse is the reason why I like her proposal.

ROMI MAEGLI, MENTAL SWIRL 6, mixed media 34 x 52 pulgadas, 2018.

ROMI MAEGLI, MENTAL SWIRL 3, mixed media, 46 x 30 inches, 2018.

In her own words, she explains her artwork this way:

“FEELING OF SKIN is an artwork that opens the sensations of the observer and transports you to the complete subtlety of textures, shapes and patterns, which coincide with the communication that goes beyond the skin. This series is a set of textures that unify each element and reveal the origin of my inspiration, which in this case is my connection with the loyal horses”.

I feel so grateful Romi for your art proposal, because it took me back to my childhood, where my white horse and I travelled through dreams each night.

Ralph C. Valley


© ROMI MAEGLI. These artworks belong to the artist. To publish elsewhere these artworks please ask permission to romimaegli@gmail.com

ROMI MAEGLI, MENTAL SWIRL 4, mixed media, 46x30 inches, 2018.