Guatemalan artist Gina Figueroa blends photography and painting together in a natural abstract style.

Focusing her works on the clouds as metaphors of the mind,  abstract fractal moments simultaneously pushing the underlying photograph to turn it into a painting.

GINA FIGUEROA - INNER CLOUD PORTRAIT (100.01 mts x 68.2 mts) mixed media on canvas, 2018.

She describes the vast open colour of the sky essence, as our True Self. The fractal measures of her artworks provide a creative mathematical description of cloud structure.

GINA FIGUEROA, MACAW, mixed media on canvas,  1mt x 99.87 cm. 2018

Her art is a colourful consideration of visual models of the mind developed in turbulence plus a good approximation for calm stratus and stratocumulus clouds.

She represents clouds as thoughts and how they influence emotions in the same way the turbulence of clouds flow by releasing heat by condensation, or by cooling the air by evaporation and drops drag the air downward as they fall down due to gravity. Not very passive.

The flow also influences the amount of cloud liquid water like thoughts fill emotions in an upward flow, like the air which becomes colder and the liquid water content increases due to condensation as feelings flood our dogmas.

GINA FIGUEROA, BUTTERFLY IN THE MIND, mixed media 110 cm.  x 43 cm. 2018

A cloud that is full of water will start raining.  And her art clouds are full of discoveries and innovation. Gina creates her images using colour pouring technique and enriches it with a complex procedure of picking and observing the colours to stylishly metamorphose in water the mixed media into a fascinating experience. Capturing this effect on camera requires controlling the action.

GINA FIGUEROA, COLOURFUL LIFE, mixed media on canvas, 73 cm. x 59 cm. 2018

Have you seen before artworks like her mixed media wonderful clouds? Gina plays with light and offers some dark areas in the clouds, and each artwork is different because it conforms her personal artistic decisions.

GINA FIGUEROA, INNER FEMININITY, mixed media on canvas, 100 cm.  x 102 cm. 2018

Gina plays always with depth of field and adds textures to the final image. She makes the difference between colour pouring photography and her innovative pieces of art.

GINA FIGUEROA, INNER RAINING, mixed media on canvas, 100 cm.  x 64 cm. 2018

Her amazing art of high-speed photography, displays spectacular images of water droplets colliding—resulting in a concerto of colours and fractal patterns.

She specialises in shooting liquids and her colourful liquid work, titled "INNER ATMOSPHERES", will become very well-known and collectable because the excellence of her artworks.

Not all clouds and thoughts are white or grey.

GINA FIGUEROA, INNER GARDEN, mixed media on canvas, 100 cm. x 78 cm. 2018

The lights of her diverse colours shine on the clouds she creates, the light they reflect to our eyes is an additive mixture because it is the sum of all the light, feelings and movement. We can learn with her paintings about human perception by using coloured clouds to make essential colour mixtures.

Congratulations Gina Figueroa!

 Ralph C. Valley

© GINA FIGUEROA. These artworks belong to the artist. To publish elsewhere these artworks please ask permission to

GINA FIGUEROA, INNER DIVERSITY, mixed media on canvas, 200 cm. x 60 cm. 2018

GINA FIGUEROA, BLUE DUALITY, mixed media on canvas, 200 cm. x 60 cm. 2018

GINA FIGUEROA, MIAMI, mixed media on canvas, 66 cm. x 100 cm. 2018

GINA FIGUEROA, NIGHT CLOUDS,  mixed media on canvas, 100 cm. x 66 cm. 2018

GINA FIGUEROA, DREAMY CUMULUS NIMBUS CLOUDS, mixed media on canvas,  100 cm. x 58.21 cm.2018

GINA FIGUEROA, HUIPILES- MAYAN BLOUSES- mixed media on canvas, 120 cm. x 78 cm. 2018