“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The behaviour of chaotic systems is determined by their initial conditions
and because of these preliminary settings
I prefer the beauty of the chaotic painting by Patricia Castillo-Bellido
than the dreadful perfection of the calculated arts

Her heart is obviously a masterpiece
colour and rhythm live in her imaginary world
her lips do not speak, but her brush does
her acrylic colours fill canvases and provide a lifecycle to fantasy
she paints timelessly other worlds to make us happy
So far her paintings free geometric patterns are stationary and oscillatory
her art process exists in chaotic extended systems

Thus far
her patterns have been observed in cosmology
that is why her rectangular shapes exist in chaotic extended systems
Her paintings are in severe contrast with the intuition of pseudo-randomness of chaos
The richness and beauty of her chaotic painting patterns
                                             are the result of symmetry properties realized by self-organizations                                               of partial chaos synchronizations 

                                 Scientifics say that chaotic systems could generate spatially ordered patterns                                                Her quadrangular spatial contours show nicely ordered structures
                  It is clear from those colourful contour figures that after desynchronization of homogeneous                                   chaos the chaotic motions of different space points retain certain partial synchronizations                                which provide some fine and organized spatial structures

                                                        This Nicaraguan artist paints using a secret Universal                                                                                                                   language the chaoticity in pattern coloured lights                                                           that lead to the random-like trajectories of our own life.

Ralph C. Valley

Patricia Castillo-Bellido,Translucent City, acrylic on canvas 120 x160 cm. 2017

Patricia Castillo, Colorful chaos, acrylic on canvas, 80x120 cm. 2017

Patricia Castillo-Bellido, Synchronicity 2, acrylic on canvas, 210 X110 CM. 2017

Patricia Castillo- Bellido, Synchronicity 4, acrylic on canvas, 160 X 120 CM. 2017.

Patricia Castillo, Strange Attractor acrylic on canvas, 80x120, cm. 2017

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